Enjoy the price drop on Symantec’s Norton Security products

The parent company Symantec executes the sale on Norton Security software on discount. The price of Norton software has been slashed to $10 for the first year. The software is currently not expensive and solves a purpose for those who are looking for having cheap security alternatives to protect their data and devices.

For all such users Symantec is running a sale on its Norton security products with sheer discounts that come with a year for coverage from Norton antivirus Plus that is magnificently designed to protect a single computer to the Norton 360 software that comes with the Life Lock which offers you security up to 5 devices and it includes a VPN that comes with theft protection.

What is the catch on Norton Products?

With the recent research reports, the Norton 360 Deluxe was one of the best picks that are compatible for Windows, PCs and is considered worth for all the money you have paid for it.

If you are set with AV protection but you are looking forward to having a VPN to protect your data while connected to a public Wi-Fi, then you can check out Norton Security VPN ( for deals) then you can visit Norton official website that goes by URL norton.com/setup.

What discount is offered by Symantec?

Symantec knows how to lure the users and those who are looking to opt for the security services but looking forward the cheap security alternatives or those who do not want to spend much to secure their data and device in a manner to keep both protected and virus-free. Norton antivirus Plus is for $10 for the first year of subscription. And users will get to save $50 on the purchase of Norton Security products.

The Norton antivirus Plus generally costs $60 for a year but now you can get a year coverage for only $9.99. You will get the complete protection for one connected PC or Mac against viruses, malware, ransomware and spyware and other cyber threats that are capable enough to harm your device. It also includes a password manager and a cloud backup of 2GB. For more details, stay connected via Norton’s official website that gees by the URL norton.com/setup.

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What are the Norton 360 plans that are discounted for the 1st year?

The Norton360 plans that are discounted for the first year are as follows:-

  • Norton 360 Standard: The product costs for about $35 if you talk about the 1st year that is clearly dropped down from $80. Moreover, apart from the PC or Mac, the software can be accessed to protect a mobile device that includes a VPN for one device and you will get the cloud backup of 10 GB.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: The product costs for about $40 for the first year that is dropped from being $100 at some point in time. The product offers the protection for up to 5 connected devices and that includes the parental controls with a cloud backup of 50 GB.
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: The cost of antivirus program is $100 for the first year, earlier the product was of $150. You can use and connect it with up to 5 connected devices and you will get protection against identity theft and includes the cloud backup of 100 GB.

Note: For more details about the products mentioned above and the discounts on them, you are recommended to stay connected via www.norton.com/setup.

For more details:

If you want to know more about the Norton products and the discounts available on the products then it is recommended to visit Norton’s official website that goes by the URL norton.com/setup.

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