Norton Password Generator

Protection of your data is of utmost importance and so there are unique login words or passwords. We use hundreds of websites and many a times, it becomes difficult to remember passwords or maybe you want to use a different, strong password, here is where Norton password generator comes handy. This is an additional free online tool not bundled with, Norton setup, creates strong passwords that are impossible to guess or crack, resulting in your account being safe. With a company that is known for its powerful security software, it is a no-brainer that the service or the app is secure.

Norton Password Generator

So, following are some common questions about Norton password generator that usually customers want to know, so lets us look into them and see what password generator Norton has to offer.

What is Norton password generator?

Norton password generator is a free web tool by that helps you generate unique, strong passwords that you can use for different websites. Random password generator, created by are customized as per the requirement like inclusion of special characters or numbers.

How to use Norton identity safe password generator?

You can download Norton Identity Safe if you are using Windows, Android or iOS device. This is an online vault that syncs your sensitive data like passwords and app links so it syncs along all your devices that you use to access the internet. You can save your passwords from Norton password generator so that it helps you in logging in websites.

How does Norton password generator work?

Norton password generator works on Norton’s powerful encrypted data algorithm. As Norton ranks among world’s most trustworthy security solution provider in individual as well as enterprise markets.Norton secure password generator is a strong password generator for all kinds of websites and apps that require login.

How to use Norton password generator?

Norton password generator or Norton security password generator can be accessed by visiting its official website – Once you reach the page, there are a few things that you need to consider before you hit that refresh button to generate a new password.

  1. Length of your required password –Usually passwords are more than 10 characters
  2. What should be included in the passwords – Alphabets, Numbers or Special Chaaracters
  3. Password should look like – Words should not be anything that makes a correct spelling or pronunciation
  4. Sounds should not replace numbers i.e. “for” shouldn’t be “4” or “to” should not be “2” and so on
  5. Do not use alphabets one after another and numbers too should not follow a pattern

Once you choose these, click on the circular looking refresh button besides the “copy password” button and copy the password Generated by Norton password generator by clicking on the “Copy Password” button.

Is Norton Password Generator safe?

Norton password generator is a product of Norton, which is arguably the safest when it comes to protecting user data.And undoubtedly, it is the choice of millions of customers who use Norton’s products and services globally.

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