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Every now and then, we visit various online platforms that require us to register with those platforms. In order to start using various services on such platforms, we need to create a separate account. However, creating an account is not a hassle, but remembering its credentials is. It is nearly impossible for a user to remember so many passwords and for those users, Norton has developed a Norton password generator.

Many people are in a habit of creating passwords that are easy to remember such as their child’s name, 12345, QWERTY, Password, etc. But when they do so, they are paving the way for hackers to hack their accounts as well as the information stored in it. But, if you have a Norton password generator, you do not have to undergo this hassle. This tool allows users to create and store strong passwords that cannot be guessed by anybody. So, go to and have it on your device as soon as possible.

Features of Norton Password Generator

  • Secure logins- there is a private vault in it that allows users to keep their login details safe and secure at a single platform. When you leave your device, it automatically encrypts your information.
  • Smart dashboard- there is a smart dashboard in it that lets the user know about the improvements they need to make in their account security. There is also an Auto-change option in it which helps in the creation of hard-to-break passwords.
  • Simple interface- the vault of the Norton password generator automatically keeps logins synchronized. You can access this vault Touch ID/Face ID or Android biometrics.

Steps to create a strong password using Norton Password Generator

Norton password generator is easily accessible at and is a part of the Norton password manager. Using it you can create a complex password from your web browser and here’s how to do it:

  1. After installing Norton Password Manager on your device, open your browser.
  2. Now, click on the Password Manager option. This is available at the top-right corner of the web browser.
  3. When you see a pop-up on your screen, you need to click on ‘Open’ to open the vault.
  4. Now, you will see an ‘Unlock your vault’ window.
  5. Here, you need to type the vault password and click ‘Open’ again.
  6. When the main page of the Password Manager opens, you need to click (…).
  7. Further, select ‘Password Generator’.
  8. Here, you will see a strong password of 20 digits. This is shown by default on the top of the window.
  9. You can copy this password or choose to regenerate it.
  10. In the end, click ‘Close’ to complete the process.
  11. For more information visit official website –


Some checkboxes are also available that you can select to customize the length of your password and make a few changes in it. For more information, feel free to login at and navigate through the FAQs section to find out the answer to your queries.

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