– Download Install and Activate Norton Utilities 16 PC users feel annoyed when they do not get the desired output from their device and their PC starts to run slowly. At this time, Norton nu16 comes into action. Along with leveling up the performance of your Pc, it also boosts it. Norton utilities 16 helps to get rid of the Trojans, malware, and alike so that you can take your performance to the next level.

Norton, however, is antivirus software, but Norton utilities 16 play some other major roles while maintaining the health of your device. So, if you want to get your hands on these utilities, then you must visit and download the utilities for the ultimate usage. By continuing to read this document further, you will get to know the manifold benefits of having Norton nu16 along with the process to download, install, and activate it on your device.

What does Norton Utilities 16 do?

Some remarkable features of the Norton utilities are listed below:

  • It allows you to fight every PC problem that is deteriorating its speed.
  • Norton utilities not only boost your PC but also increase the loading speed of those apps that you use the most.
  • By cleaning the Windows registry, it makes sure that apps load quickly on to your device.
  • Along with this, it also optimizes the hard drive storage.
  • Automatically removes the data that a user doesn’t need.
  • It is also helpful in the removal of cookies, Internet clutter, and junk files.

Major functions of

These categories will help you to understand the major functions performed by Norton utilities 16 after reading which you will not give a second thought to download it on your device.

PC Fixes

The utilities automatically detect the problems with your PC and then fix them so that you do not have to undergo any hassle. With a single click, it may fix:

  • Broken Registry Links
  • Damaged Files
  • Faulty Registry Tasks

Improve PC Performance

Gives a new shape to your system by improving its speed with certain optimization tricks such as:

  • Minimizes the boot time by restricting start-up programs to open up
  • Helps in restoring the memory by defragmenting
  • Repairs Windows registry
  • Optimizes hard drive storage space to improve data access speed.
  • Eliminates needless files

Privacy protection

Norton Nu16takes the protection of your device to a new level with its high-end security features.

  • Your privacy is never compromised even if your device is accessed by unauthorized sources
  • Helps in the removal of Cookies, temporary files
  • Removes sensitive personal data if left unused for a long

How to Get Norton utilities instantly

You can have Norton Utilities on your device by following the methods mentioned below. This includes the downloading, installing, and activation process of Norton nu16.

7 EASY steps to Download Norton Utilities

  1. Visit the official website of Norton or directly visit
  2. Log in to your Norton account with a registered email address and password.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you have to tap on the ‘Order History’ option.
  4. Locate ‘Norton Utilities’ from the list and then tap on it.
  5. Further, select ‘Order Number’ available against Norton nu16 to receive its product key.
  6. Now, copy the product key because you will need it later on.
  7. Finally, select ‘Download’ next to ‘Norton Utilities’ to start the downloading process.

6 EASY Steps to install Norton Utilities in your device

  1. When the software gets downloaded successfully, locate where it is downloaded.
  2. Double-tap on its .exe file to begin installing the utilities.
  3. As soon as you do this, a Welcome screen will open.
  4. Here, you have to read the license agreement.
  5. After reading it thoroughly, click on the ‘I Agree’ button.
  6. In the end, click the ‘Install’ button and then go to the activation process.

7 Best steps to activate Norton Utilities

  1. After the complete installation of the product, it is time to activate it.
  2. To activate Norton Utilities 16, go to the main window of the utilities i.e.
  3. Here, you need to hit the ‘Activate Now’ button.
  4. Enter the required information on the page that opens up.
  5. Provide the unused and accurate product key when prompted.
  6. Upon doing so, click on ‘Activate now’ once again.
  7. Follow some instructions written on the screen to start using the utilities.