Preventive Measures to Stay Protected from Online Identity Theft

It a common case, where your loved ones might receive an email that you haven’t sent and you stays confused that how can you send an email which in actual is not sent by you. The answer to this confusion is that you’ve been hacked. This means that someone mischievous present in the cyber world knows your email password and is using your account details to send spam email or other malicious messages.

There are certain measures, following which you can stop the hacker from accessing your account and protecting the account from further attempts of hacking. These measures are taken into consideration and have been highlighted in this article. If you want to know about the latest antivirus software to fight against the cyber threats then you can visit

Measures to Take Against Online Identity Theft

The primitive measures that can help you to fight back the hackers who are trying to breach your online identity are as follows:-

  • Consider the signs of a hacked account: Hackers may use tools that can help them to discover your valuable account credentials including attacking with malware on your computer which targets sites which require your email passwords. The hackers can attempt to log in to sites such as PayPal and Amazon using your account details.
  • Think about having immediate steps to protect your account: If you know that you’ve been hacked, then it is important to run a full virus scan immediately. It is recommended to download and run the virus scan of reputed antivirus software such as Norton, and you can download the Norton virus scan from
  • Using Strong Passwords and configure two-step authentication: Changing password isn’t enough. You need to use a strong password that is a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. You can further protect your email password by taking advantage of your email provider’s two-factor authentication services. By this, the hacker will not be able to log in to your email with just a password; he needs to access your phone to complete the login process.
  • Be conscious while reading an email: Once you have taken protective measures for your email account, it is advisable to take active steps to prevent the future hacks. You don’t need to click on the links in the emails from unknown senders, or accessing the links that look suspicious, even if they are from the known contacts. Make sure that you don’t respond to a mail that looks suspicious.
  • Do not access emails in disguise: There are some emails that look to come from an official account but in actual they are not the real ones. To avoid accessing such emails.

In a conclusive viewpoint:-

It is important to consider the protective measures to shield your data, device and online identity from the hackers. The article above has already mentioned some primitive measures to protect your identity from being a victim of Online Identity theft. It is also recommended to install and run Norton virus scan which you can download form Norton official website that goes by the URL

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