What is a Norton VPN and why do you need it?

Norton VPN: As digitization and modernization are taking place everything that you access online needs to be secured and protected. Your data and personal accounts need to be monitored or protected by you from third parties or hackers. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the data and the activities remain closely intact and secured when you use Public WI-FI.

The main aim of Norton VPN secure privacy is to use bank-grade security encryption and VPN technology in order to keep your information secretive and protected. We explore what it actually does and why should you use the VPN on your Mac, PC or other mobile devices. To solve some specific query that correlates with this VPN, visit norton.com/setup.

What is Norton VPN security?

Whenever you use public Wi-Fi connections such as the one in the coffee shop, airports or hotels then you are actually taking a big risk. Hackers do target a specific type of target for such networks and they use the techniques to hack your devices.  The Norton nu 16 provides Norton Secure VPN privacy that helps you to put a brake on hacking by creating a virtual private network.

With the help of a virtual private network, you will get online privacy from the Public internet connection. Every minute data you send or receive from the device is convert to undiscoverable data till it reaches the ultimate Norton server.

Why we need Norton VPN security?

There are certain features and ease of use applications that encourage the users to use Norton VPN security:

  1. Once you launch the Norton VPN app, it will give you the option to turn on the VPN. This will surely create one private yet authentic network to be access while using a Public Wi-Fi.
  2. Now you can search the web or surf the WebPages with your normal browser. Moreover, it allows you to access your online banking accounts and other sensitive data online with complete protection.
  3. The Norton.com/vpn enables you prevent the ad-trackers from using the private cookies around the web.The other thing you get the masking your IP address and location.
  4. By using the servers across the globe, the VPN allows you to personalize the browsing experience.
  5. Moreover, this VPN via norton.com/setup helps to protect your online privacy by blocking some of the activities. These activities are such as tracking your online activities by internet service providers and other websites.
  6. To set one’s location is quite a simple step. Just open the application and then select the Virtual Location tab. The Norton VPN will then redirect your connection within just a click.


The Norton VPN is a very beneficial tool that helps you to protect your valuable and encrypted data that is visible on the online platform. It is vulnerable to be hacked and hence the norton.com/setup will guide you to download and access this VPN. For more information related to the topic, you can visit the official Norton website.

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